Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diez Vista - 50km - My 21st Ultra

Yesterday Neil and I participated in the Diez Vista - 50km run. This event was my very first Ultra a few years ago. I have now done it 3 times and Neil has completed it 6 years in a row. It brings out a similar crowd every year and it was great to catch up with so many trail friends. The terrain is quite rough, steep and technical in sections. As I was carefully making my way down a very steep technical section I commented to Neil that it would have been good to do a training run on this terrain at least once before the event! His reply was; when we get down this we will have to get a move on! I think he was suggesting I was a bit slow. Another comment he made was at Aid Station #5 he asked the "captain"...are we last? Which we were not by quite a few people! Overall the event went very well and I was most impressed with not having any concerns of the distance and I felt really good for the last 20km. It was a great feeling to feel so strong in the last 20k. I ran sections of a hill that in the past I have dragged my butt up in this event. It was not a PR on this course but a personal best for how I felt. That was my 4th Ultra in 2009 with another 50km coming up in 2 weeks. It feels like the training is all coming together for the big one in June! Today we had friends come for lunch so did not get out for a run until later in the day. We were both yawning as we drove to Golden Ears to do approximately 10km on the Valley Trail. We were stiff when we started out but soon got the legs rolling. Still lots of trees down from the storms this winter. Some of the trails are a mess. Good mileage again this weekend with plans for 3-4 mid week runs this week.

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