Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is Finally Here!!

Tonight we had a great run at Hayward Lake, 14km. It was the first spring evening that I have worn short sleeves! The air was full of the many smells of spring such as fresh cut grass, broom in bloom and skunk cabbage. Another sign of spring...the Bears are out! Yes several fresh piles to hop over along the trail. We also spotted some cougar scat. Locally, there has been a report in the news of a man missing for several weeks whose car was found at the side of the Hayward Lake trail. Several searches have found no signs. Prior to this another body was found; I find myself looking over my shoulder and scanning the slopes and gullies. It is a strange feeling. We have now completed 75km in 3 days. I think we will sleep well tonight!


  1. Hi Carolyn

    I've restored your blog to the list!

    Congratualtions on your recent ultra. Hope everything is going well for the whw race. I'll be following your progress!


  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Beautiful spring evening here in Scotland too. Out running in the hills behind us - so warm I had my shirt off!

  3. Hi Graeme,

    Oh my! Neil wants to know if you scared the sheep!