Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We recovered well from AR50 this past week. We ran Tuesday/Wed mid week and Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Our longest run was on Saturday where we started at Sasamat Lake and ran over to Buntzen Lake to the Lake View Trail and then back to Sasamat making it 3.5 hours. It was a good training run for next weekend's Diez Vista 50km run. Neil and I are both signed up. Before Saturday's run I was planning to not do the event due to the really rough terrain. Somehow I have managed to change my mind and plan to participate. How does that happen? Neil has done this event 6 years consecutively and I have done it 2 times previously. We enjoyed the extra days off this weekend and had friends Marilyn and Ron over for Easter Dinner. This afternoon we had good intentions of a run but got caught in a terrible storm that produced snow, hail and lightening. We sat in Neil's truck waiting for the storm to pass but it never did and we didn't even have a hat with us! Oh day! Plans are to run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week. Rest Friday...50km Saturday!

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