Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday - Saturday Good Running!

This week after the 50km event on Saturday, the 10km on Sunday and the 14km on Monday, we ran Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Today for the Saturday run we started at UBC Research forest and ran to Mike Lake and then went up the old fire access road. Unfortunately they decommissioned this trail a couple of years ago and it is a complete mess for a couple of kms before you can break into a run. Once through the rubble it opens into a perfect grade for up hill running. Neil and I both noticed how much we were sweating today, lots of humidity in the air! We made it to the top of the Incline trail and decided to carry on up the Alouette Mtn road. The trail up Alouette Mtn has been covered in snow until just recently so we were quite surprised to see how far we could go up without seeing any snow. We turned around cognisant of time as we had plans to meet Marla for coffee around noon and we had other chores to do at home this afternoon. It was a good 3 hour outing. It sparked our interest to continue to go up the mountain to find the snow line. This is the plan for tomorrow's run. How far can we get before we hit the snow? This run is such a good trainer. Neil and Randy did it routinely the year they did Western States...glad the snow is gone so we can incorporate it into the weekly routine. We enjoyed catching up with Marla over coffee. Chad went sailing for 2 days with Pat this weekend. Neil was considering going as well but could not give up 2 days due to other commitments in life! Tonight after Neil did barn chores and I made a trip to the Garden Center for the Geraniums to plant in the window boxes we managed to head out for another short run of 40 minutes to Hayward Lake. Double running is something we will aim for when we can to "up" the training for WHW. This week I learned that I have been accepted into the Masters of Public Health Program at Simon Fraser University. Exciting...but now I need a plan so I can balance work, school and of course ultra running! I hear there are some great trails at the University as it is situated on top of a mountain. Lots to think about...thankfully I run to have the time to work it all out! Picture is taken from the top of Alouette Mtn (last year).

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