Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Run to the Snow!

Today we started our run at the Mike Lake parking lot and headed up the Incline trail which is a steep climb for about 12 minutes. We passed a hiker who was about 80 years old and I stopped to tell him how impressed I was he was up there. He proceeded to tell me of all the great places he has hiked, climbed over the years. He took an interest in where we were going today and did we do this often? Once to the top of the Incline trail we headed up the Alouette Mtn road, we ran into snow where the trail intersects the Mtn road. We took the trail that pops you out onto the road again and then ran in the snow to the Look Out. I did several "post holes" in the deep snow which means running along the snow surface when your leg suddenly "falls" through the snow up to your hip! The snow/ice scratches your legs and it scares the daylights out of you. We headed back down for a total time this AM of about 1hr 45min. The afternoon was spent gardening and chores in the barn before we headed out for run # 2 today on the trail side of Hayward for 45 minutes. Nice to lighten the mileage this weekend and add the double runs. Another 50km next Saturday! Looking forward to the event!

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