Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day in Edinburgh - Sun to Thunderstorms!

We woke up at a decent time despite staying up until 1AM. Thankfully the flat had some breakfast goodies to get us going! Neil connected with his brother Graeme who will be coming here on Thursday and his Dad regarding dinner reservations for tonight. We walked through the Princes Street Gardens and they were lovely in bloom. Despite the construction for the tram we managed to get to Marks & Spencer for a food shop to stock the flat with a few essentials. We were like kids in a candy shop! Ultra runners in M & S!! We will be going back for some food for the run!! Fiona has a cold cooler which will hold many of those great items we saw on the shelf from sandwiches to sausage rolls! An Ultra Runners Dream Food! We came back to the flat and enjoyed fresh Strawberries and Cheese from M & S. After a cup of tea I felt my eyes fading and I managed to shut them for about 10 minutes before Neil had us heading to the Pentlands for a run. Just when we got there the storm rolled in. Black skieswith thunder and lightning. We decided to try and wait out the storm in the Torduff Reservoir Car luck it wasn't passing! Since we promised Dad a 5pm visit we better get going! Hats on we headed out and up the reservoir road to Sanctuary Wood across to White Hill. We were having conversations such as is it better to go out on the Moor or stay in the woods during a thunder/lightning storm? We opted for the woods for a bit of shelter from the rain but I must say the Pine trees at this time of year don't give one a lot of shelter from the torrential down pour! I feel somewhat weather ready! At Christmas one of our outings on the Pentlands was very severe with ice rain and wind. I thought it was the end! Today I was a bit nervous with the thunder and lightning that took place almost simultaneously indicating we were in the storm!! So I have had some extreme Scottish weather training! Weather forecast looks like we might need it. ;-)


  1. The 2 pics so far are great. It must be so exciting to be getting ready to do this run and be in such a wonderful place. Keep the blogs coming. Bruce, Mary, Chad and Marla are coming to Gabriola for a visit soon so we will be thinking of you guys on our very short trail run here.

    Slipperman Mike

  2. Hey Slipperman,

    Great to hear from you! I am heading out for dinner and will post later tonight. You and Marie should come over would love it! How about you signing up for the West Highland Way next year? You could practice running around the island (several times!) ;-)

    Cheers! Carolyn