Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wildlife on the Run!

Tonight was a beautiful evening for a run...24 degrees and the air felt fresh. We did the same 10km loop as Sunday. We were the only car in the parking lot and it felt like we were alone in the forest. The trail takes a sharp climb up for 5km. As we were climbing the 5km up I looked up at one point and saw a Bobcat coming down the forest road toward us. I tried to get Neil's attention by calling his name...Neil, Neil...look...look...a cat...we stopped running and it stopped as well. We had a brief stare at each other before it headed into the woods. We were able to have a good look at it's features. Very similar to our domestic cat at home just larger and pointed ears. We identified it right away as a Bobcat but then started thinking maybe it was a baby cougar and mother cougar was close by. Neil started running and I was close behind!
Beautiful sighting! I hear there are some wild cats in Scotland too!


  1. Great pic! You could have photo-montaged in a couple of doll figures and fooled us all that it was a giant. We do have wildcats here but they're a bit less forward than that wee guy, so you'd be lucky to see one.

    Not long to go now! See you in Milngavie.



  2. It's the squirrels you have to look out for in Scotland. Vicious little gits. Them and the Neds. Neds takes a lot of explaining.

    See you at the start line.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS ....simply amazing what you have done!!!!!! Love the pictures and narrative!

    Put your feet up now and have a few pints!
    See you soon,

    Karen :)