Saturday, June 13, 2009


The flights to London Heathrow and Edinburgh were quite uneventful with the exception of the elderly gentleman across from me on the Vancouver - London flight who was vomiting! On our Christmas trip to Edinburgh there was another medical emergency right behind us! Neil is a Dr. of Veterinary Medicine (not human!) but somehow British Airways have him down as "Dr" on his ticket. Well they manage to find him at times like this! Neil always manages to get a smile out of the patient when he says he is a Board Certified Poultry Specialist! So in other words...if you were a chicken I would have this taken care of! It all turned out fine and we think the man had a serious case of food poisoning and hopefully not H1N1 ;) Our flat in the Grassmarket area is fantastic. We had lots of fun tonight walking around watching the crowds and we enjoyed dinner in a quaint Italian Restaurant. I have been very fortunate to come to Edinburgh probably 15 times now but we have never stayed in the heart of the city. We always stay out in the Colinton area where Neil's family live. So we feel like real tourists. It is going to be a great week! Graeme and Fiona (our crew...Neil's brother and wife) join us on Thursday. Tomorrow we will go to Colinton to visit Neil's Dad and do a run in the Pentlands. Monday night we are attending our nephew's school play. Great to be here! The legs are feeling stiff from the flights! 10:50pm Edinburgh time and we are still awake!!!!


  1. Welcome back to Scotland! I work in Edinburgh and a few of the West Highland Way runners are meeting on Wednesday lunchtime at St Andrew Square, for a catch up before next Saturday's race. You are very welcome to join if you fancy it - I think it is 12.10pm but keep an eye on the WHW race website forum for more details. Ian

  2. Thanks Ian...that would be great! I think we will be there. I will check the WHW race website.


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog Carolyn.

    I hope you have a great week and make sure you get enough rest before Friday!

    Enjoy your run in the Pentlands