Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 More Bags - Mount Seymour and Mount Elsay!

This is the view of our local Mt Range - the Golden Ears on our way home today!

Today was an absolutely beautiful Fall Day on our Thanksgiving weekend here in the Vancouver area. Neil and I headed out to bag a few peaks. We were going into territory unknown to us but oh so familiar to others. The plan was to do Mount Elsay, Mount Seymour and Runners Peak. Late last night Ean sent an email cautioning about Runners Peak being very exposed. I heard him! The temperatures were a bit cool early on but once we started to climb we warmed up. I was surprised that the trail up Seymour was so rough (it is quite popular!) I guess I often equate popular with "easy". We took the Elsay Lake trail to Elsay Peak where there were times that I felt completely out of my depth. Today was full of boulder fields and steep trails on rocky slopes where I felt I could slip and be gone! Even traversing the wet snow patches between Pump 2 and Pump 3 on Seymour were treacherous today. We were also quite high today 4755 feet which can give you a bit of vertigo when you look straight down. There were a few times today when I said to myself "don't look down"!
Neil pointed out many Peaks that the front baggers of this competition have done from our various view points. They make it sound in their reports like they are just skipping over the Peaks - believe me it is not that simple!
We do hope to get out again this weekend as the weather is forecast to turn and it looks like we are into rain and yes SNOW from Tues-Sat. It seems like we were just surviving the heat of summer!

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