Friday, October 9, 2009

Lynn Peak

Today Neil and I both took the day off work to make it an extra long weekend. Monday is a holiday - Canadian Thanksgiving which in our Canadian family is celebrated with a family gathering where we feast on Turkey and all the trimmings ending with the famous Pumpkin Pie (Neil still has not adapted to the custom of Pumpkin Pie!)We set out at a decent time but were soon stuck in traffic due to several accidents this AM. The plans were for some shopping and a side trip to bag a peak - Lynn Peak! The shopping trip included a stop at "Everything Wine" where we stocked up with a few cases (some of Neil's family members are coming for Christmas -oh what a good excuse!)We also made a quick trip to Whole Foods for some Thanksgiving treats. The climb up Lynn Peak was very quiet until we arrived at the view point to a very aggressive Raven who was determined to take me down for my sandwich. The actual peak of Lynn is in the trees with no view. You only know you are at the Peak due to the pink ribbon around the tree that said "Lynn Peak Summit." We had the option to carry on to another Peak but decided it had to be a day of "balance" to fit in the other chores required. On the descent we noticed the cold wind picking up - they were calling for Artic Outflow winds today perhaps this was the cold air coming in. We could hear a helicopter overhead and my first thought was I sure hope that is not for someone participating in the "Bagger Challenge". It was flying back and forth and we could tell it must be looking for someone or something. As we ran towards our car in the parking lot we were stopped by an RCMP Officer asking us where we had been and did we see anyone along the route. We described a couple we had just passed with dogs but overall a quiet journey. Apparently they were tracking a few people who had just done a break/enter/burglary at the College close by. They had tracking dogs and the helicopter overhead had an infra red camera on the bottom of it. Neil and I had a chuckle thinking they probably thought we were their "catch" and were tracking us in the woods. We did notice the helicopter was close overhead. Planning to head up Mount Seymour and perhaps another Peak close by tomorrow called Runner Peak. Weather forecast is clear - should be another great day of "bagging"!

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