Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Baggers Banquet!

Ken Legg the Winner of the Bagger Challenge! David Presenting the "Squashed" Quaich to Ean for 2nd Place! Neil having a Sip from the Quaich! Wendy and I tied...But I did a few "extra" Peaks! A Toast to "The Baguettes"
The Cake with the Map and Rescue Helicopters.

Friday night after work we headed off for the Baggers Banquet. Neil had arranged a hotel for us to stay in as it was over an hour drive back home and we were anticipating the potential for a late night. The party was hosted by David and Julia who live in North Vancouver the creators of the Bagger Challenge. We were no sooner onto the Freeway when the traffic came to a halt. The traffic was blocked all the way to North Vancouver. We were an hour and a half late but did arrive just in time to eat! Excellent food and sharing of Bagger outings. Great to catch up with fellow Baggers who had accomplished some great challenges. David did the ceremonial prize giving of the Quaich to the overall winner Ken Legg. Good work Ken...41 out of 44 Peaks! There was another Quaich to give away - the original one that arrived in the post from Scotland - the base squashed - the lop sided Quaich! David managed to get another one delivered (in a box this time) for presentation to Ken. The winner of the squashed Quaich was Ean Jackson who placed second and showed great spirit of competition throughout the challenge. Ean and David were also presented with a few gifts that resembled "Rescue Helicopters" to remind them of their early morning lift to work! The lady Baggers the "Baguettes" were celebrated with a toast in the Quaich. The cake was brilliant - a map of all the Peaks in the competition with a "helicopter" strategically placed! Eric (Ean and Sibylle's son) won the "bag" that Neil donated as a prize. A great night...and a great Bagger Challenge! Wow did I sleep well for a solid 8 hours! Neil and I went to the LSCR which was very close to the hotel and did a 2 hour road run which felt so good! No maps, no route finding, no rock faces to scramble over...just me and my iPOD working the road!

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