Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today Neil and I participated in a 30km run in Chilliwack around Cultus Lake. When the alarm went it was pouring in rain...we were tempted to not get up and go but we did get our butts up and going! It was just the 2 of us in the car - Andy had commitments with his family today. We arrived at Cultus Lake and it was still pouring in rain. Checked in - nice sweatshirt! The temperature was quite warm @ 14 degrees C so I decided to run with a short sleeve shirt and just arm warmers to start. The start was delayed by about 20 minutes - people were still checking in. During this delay a runner comes up to Neil and says "hi you remember me?" It was a guy who was in a Physics class Neil was in when doing his Pre-Veterinary requirements. Wow that was a few years back and oh so cool they remembered each other! Despite the start delay the race was very well organized with plenty of volunteers and 4 aid stations. We were warned of the mud out there on the there was mud! I found myself running high in the bush to avoid the trails - I was slow in this stuff but I was having fun! I could hear a group of females behind me who were doing the relay screaming and laughing throughout this section! (you could do the 30km as a team!) The puddles were really deep - up to our shins. I'm not that good when the conditions get slippery but I pushed through and did not wipe out despite seeing others with mud wounds! I forgot how the second half is up-up-up! On this section we came upon a runner with his iPOD cranked absolutely singing at the top of his lungs and very poorly! We were climbing some hills and he was behind me...I couldn't stand it any longer and stopped and asked him to not sing out loud! He was annoyed with me and charged by me...I caught him later! :) He was still singing way too loud! (a bit disrespectful to those around him!) Thankfully the temperature was mild or else we could have faced really cold feet and hypothermia with being so very soaked! The skies have cleared and the plan is to bag our final Peak in the Bagger Challenge tomorrow in Lynn Valley - the South Needle.

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