Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hyde Park to Hayward Lake

We started our final day in London with a run in Hyde Park. The weather from the room looked showery and cool. We headed out completely over dressed. I had my light jacket off before I started running and should have worn short sleeves. Wow did we both find it sweaty! It was a great final loop around the park and we enjoyed listening to the sound checks as they prepared for the final night of the BBC Proms in the Park.

A quick bite to eat at the hotel before the taxi arrived to take us to Heathrow. The flight went well and I enjoyed watching some comedy on board. The flights never seem long enough these days to enjoy some quiet time!

It was a beautiful evening as we arrived in Vancouver just prior to sunset. We managed to stay up until 10:30pm but I was restless at 2:30 am (not good!) Neil reminded me he was hoping we could make it to 5am. I tossed and turned and made it to 5am. It was dark when we had our breakfast and we watched live the 10th year memorial of 9/11. Once light and the temperature rose we set out for a run at Hayward Lake for aprox 1 hr 15 min. The rest of the day consisted of unpacking, washing clothes, grocery shopping and finished with a bike ride on the Pitt Meadows dykes. It was a warm, clear, beautiful evening.

Back to work tomorrow after a memorable two weeks. Here's to the next VaCa!

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