Friday, September 2, 2011

San Gimignano

Today we went for a day trip to San Gimignano - this pedestrianized hilltop town boasts 14 towers in it's skyline. In it's day, it was a mass of stone towers as local affluent people built towers as a display of wealth and power, all vying for the tallest tower.

It was a hot day, 35 degrees and moderately busy. The drive from San Felice was a bit twisty and at one point we stopped so I could get some fresh although hot air! We enjoyed walking the streets and the shops of San Gimignano, stopping occassionally for a refreshing Gelato from the "World Champion Gelato Maker" shop in town or a cold drink in one of the beautiful Piazza's.

On the return journey back to our hotel we tried the GPS that came with the car, not sure how we got back but we did although not the route we would have chosen on the map! Had a nice run once back along the road to Bossi, very quiet and almost met darkness on our return. Glad it was quiet as I was wearing black with no reflection!

Dinner on the patio tonight with the Canadian waitress as of last night. She commented in a roundabout way how nice and polite the Canadian guests always are compared to some of the more onerous nations around the world! Tomorrow we have a tour of the winery where we are staying and plan to go on to the town of Cortona.


  1. That's my favourite place in the whole world xx Ps: Although their wine is awful :-)

  2. It's a great place. Really enjoying the area. Today the wine from Montepulciano seems much better! All the best Debs with your upcoming run. We will be watching for your results!

    Carolyn and Neil