Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roma was great - now back to London!

We had a fantastic time in Rome. Weather was hot 30 plus degrees, and we coped well. Plenty of sunscreen, light clothing, water and frequent stops. We had a great time with Kendall and Chris and managed to keep going with viewing the sites, shopping, and eating until late at night. One of the interesting moments was the general strike that took place while we were there. We really noticed the police appearance especially around the government buildings. The strike impacted the tourists spots such as the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora which were both closed. Our hotel posted signs saying reduced service for the day (we were out and didn't notice) On our return to London today the security personnnel at the Rome airport was also reduced which created horrendous hot line ups. Other than the strike - it was a great few days. Now back in London where we appreciated no longer sweating and wearing our sweaters out for Thai food tonight. Tomorrow we plan to run the 2012 Olympic Marathon route. Occasional showers are predicted so we will plan for all weather with our packs. Hoping for some coffee and food breaks along the way! Theater tickets for Wicked tomorrow night.

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