Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today we travelled by train from Florence to Rome. That was the easy part of the journey!

We drove from San Felice to the center of Florence to drop the car off. The GPS was helpful but it was still a bit stressful driving and negotiating the traffic. We had the classic experience of wheeling our luggage from the car rental drop off to the train station when the wheel on my suitcase jammed and no longer turned. It was a drag of the luggage through the streets of Florence, not a stroll!

The train journey was pleasant and by chance a family of 4 from Vancouver were sitting next to us. Once we arrived in Rome we took a taxi to the hotel and think we were completely ripped off but we were delivered close by. Kendall texted "are you here?" We were excited to meet up with our niece Kendall and Chris on their honeymoon. We met them for a cold drink and then continued on to Piazza Navona where we all had dinner together. It had started to rain by now and wow did it ever rain (and still is)! We were not prepared at all and ended up buying umbrellas on the street and then taking a taxi back to our hotels. Kendall and Chris have tours booked for the AM to the Vatican Museums. We have been on the tours before so will just wander around on our own and soak up the atmosphere and experience of Roma!
Great to be here! Can't upload photos for some reason tonight.

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