Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late for the Start!

Saturday morning we set out for the Frosty Mtn 27km event in Manning Park. This event offers 3 distances 50km, 27km and 13km. You can do "day of" registration so we planned to do this keeping our options open.

Initially we planned to do the 50km event. Neil had spent the week in Alberta and didn't arrive home until late Friday night. We made the decision to do the 27km event. We left home at 7:15 and arrived as planned at the start line at the Lightning Lakes Day area at 9:30am. I wondered why everyone was ready to go at the start line when we had 30 minutes to go. Craig greeted us and informed us "it's time!" I didn't really understand what he meant because in my head we still had 30 minutes to register. I went to the toilet and while in there I heard Gottfried RD say "go". Neil had registered us, I signed the waiver and threw on my pack and we headed out.

We caught the sweep and she told us to go ahead. It wasn't long and we started to see more people. This event starts out on some beautiful trails. Once the trail starts to climb it is quite a steep climb until the summit of Mt. Frosty 7,800 feet. Once up to the summit the descent starts with lots of scree and loose rocks. I was glad to get through this section and then it was primarily a long run down back to the day area of Lightning Lakes. Once we finished we saw a few of the runners coming in including Andy who had ran the 50km event.

Starting out on the nice lower trails before the climb up Mt. Frosty. We're late!

Heading down!

Steep Down!

Craig heading up...almost there!

Liza coming up Mt. Frosty.

Almost there...Lightning Lakes day area ahead.

The Finish!

Fun with friends at Dave and Helen's camp fire...Nice and Relaxing!

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  1. Whew! Just catching up with you via posts - amazing pictures! Can't wait to hear the details in person. See you soon.