Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mount Brunswick

Saturday we climbed Mt. Brunswick. This mountain is a summit in the Britannia Range of the North Shore Mountains on the Howe Sound Crest Trail. It is the highest peak on this range at 1,788 m,
5,866 feet. Another peak for the 2014 Bagger Challenge!
We picked Chris up at 6:45 and planned to meet Kirsty and Glyn at 8:00am at the trail head. However, by the time we drove up to the trail head to find no parking available and drove back down to the overflow parking at the school and then a walk back up the was an 8:15 start! Unfortunately the weather was very misty with low clouds but we all agreed to proceed knowing that views may come at a premium on this outing.
  It has to be said that, on a good day, the views are magnificent from Brunswick but sadly, not on this trip! But it was a good workout with good trail companions so the day was well spent. 
It's a steep climb up to 5, 866 feet. Here's Kirsty!
Chris, Glyn and Neil
Kirsty, myself and Chris
OK - must share the photos from the last trip up Mount Brunswick on a clear day. This is Craig and I holding each other up!
The views on the climb up make up for the effort required.
That's the Sea to Sky Highway and Howe Sound below us.
Despite the weather the trail still provided us with a good physical challenge and good trail companions. Happy Trails!


  1. Congratulations Baggers! Nice seeing more newbies up there. A great climb with lots of satisfaction and great views when you can get 'em.

    1. Great climb it is! We brought poles this time. See you soon for Seymour!