Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mount Seymour - Tim Jones Peak

Craig drove down from Kamloops this morning for the weekend. To maximize the Bagging adventures he was picking up Baggers on his way to his Thursday afternoon destination of Mount Seymour. He sent regular updates about his ETA.  He picked me up at the corner of W. Hastings and Bute. I was not dressed like the locals on the street at noon! We continued on to pick up his daughter Carly and son Andy. Craig called this a Bagging miracle to have both his children at the same time on an outdoor adventure. Carly is at University in Montreal so it is a rare occasion they can all do this together. I was honoured to be invited along for the journey. Our destination was second pump on Seymour, Tim Jones Peak.
Nice family photo!
The trail higher up traverses along rocky terrain.
Views back to First Pump that we travelled over.
Andy like the rock that surrounded the trail - he was like a mountain goat running around up there!
Andy found another slab to explore!
Craig and Carly making their way up.
Here's Carly and Andy - their first peak in the Bagger Challenge. Tim Jones Peak which is at 1,425 meters.
Great day out!
I really enjoyed this Thursday afternoon outing with the Moore clan. ;-)

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  1. It was a Bagging Miracle! Very glad you could join us Carolyn.