Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kicked up the Mileage!

Despite myself missing the workout with Warren this past was a good week for mileage! We managed to get out Tues/Wed/Thursday night for runs on the dyke after work. Saturday's run turned into an interesting outing! Neil had to work again until about noon so I opted to head to Hayward for a long run, possibly 2 loops. There were plenty of emails indicating many were running various options at Hayward Lake so I felt despite heading out on my own, I would not be alone. Neil planned to join in after work for a loop or 2 himself. My plan was to start counter clock wise, many were running clock wise so it would definitely be a social outing! I left my car at the main parking lot to use as an aid station after my first loop of 17km. The iPOD was charged and off I went. Within minutes I met the first group of runners and many dog walkers on the railway trail as it was a beautiful clear day. I continued to see runners I have met over the years as well as a few new faces. Today I broke a few safety rules a runner (especially one on their own!) shouldn't do! First, I changed my route from what I told others I was doing. Second, by changing the route it made me miss my aid station (my car) that had my top up fluids and some food. I decided to stay on the trail side and turned around so I could do the majority of the run on the trail instead of going out on the road, over the dam and an out and back on the railway trail. This new route also let me run the entire length of the railway trail at the end which mimics one of the upcoming events I am doing. So...I ran out of fluid, I had no food, and Neil never did catch up with me as I changed the route! It all turned out in the end as the weather was fantastic and we know the terrain well. However, these silly changes in plans can sometimes end differently. I managed to stay out there running the lake trail for just under 4 hours. My hamstrings were really tight and I felt close to bonking without the fluid and the food. Once back to my car I was able to rehydrate and chomp down the S & V chips I had been dreaming about for the last 2 hours! Neil had parked his truck next to me so I left him a note saying the time I was back and that I was on my way home. Funny thing, he finished only 5 minutes behind me so he almost caught me...but not quite! Last night we had a fun "Mexican Dinner party" at friends. We all brought a dish and the food was excellent. I haven't laughed so hard in some time. Was it the endorphins from the long run or perhaps Pat's Margaritas! I have attached a photo of some of the "amigos" from the evening!
Today we slept in but managed an hour run about mid day! 5 hours this that's better!

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