Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday/Tuesday Outings

Monday night Neil and I had our session with Warren (trainer). This week he had us do something he called a "complex". This was a work out with a weight bar that used every muscle in the body from biceps, shoulders, hamstrings, back muscles...like I've said before they are always activities I would never do on my own! Oh and we ended with 30 "burpees" where we had to jump over a mat sideways between each one! Slept very well last night! Today we woke up to snow again. The locals here are tired of all the snow we have had this winter...not typical of Vancouver. After work we met for a run on the dykes and had a cold wind with blowing snow. It was reminiscent of a run we had in Scotland before Christmas. We set out from Bonaly and headed over the Pentland hills to the Flotterstone Inn. This is a route we had done many times before but on this day we hit some terrible weather where I experienced the strongest, coldest and wettest winds ever running. I really thought we were going to perish out there. I remember Neil saying "keep moving forward."It really was a frightening outing. I have been following a West Highland Way blogger who has an awesome blog about his training for the WHW. I noticed that John was going to video an information night about the event. That is so awesome for those of us who could not attend! Looking forward to viewing the information night! It appears that my blog has been added to other WHW blogs. It might be interesting for others to follow the Canadian perspective!

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