Saturday, June 12, 2010

Arrived in Edinburgh

The Flat!
The Flat - Fraser Suits

The Bank of Scotland Building on the Mound

Out for something to eat

The travels went very well. Flights and connections were on time and bonus the luggage came with us! We both slept like logs on the flight from Vancouver to London which really passed the time. We were only awake for the dinner and breakfast - funny that! Once we arrived in Edinburgh we proceeded to pick up the car at Avis. How come the only line up is with Avis? Maybe we should try Hertz, Enterprise, etc...perhaps Avis markets to us foreigners more?? I guarded our mounds of luggage (shoes!) while Neil made his way through the que. We located the car in the lot and we discover it doesn't really have a key...something that locks onto something somewhere?? Oh took us about 10 minutes to find it...then something about the emergency brake and the clutch...soon we were in gear. All in control now! We had a nice tour around Edinburgh as we tried to find the way to St. Giles Street to our flat. Lots of road construction that threw our memories but we finally found our destination. Great flat on the 7th Floor overlooking it all! We wandered around and picked up some groceries at a Sainsbury's close by. We stopped in for some nibbles and drinks in a few places close to the flat. The bars were hopping tonight with the World Cup Soccer between England and the USA. A few things that always jump out at me when I visit Scotland...
1. The number of people partying on the street (having a good time!)
2. The number of people dressed up in fancy dress partying!

3. The toilets at the pubs and restaurants are miles underground, I saved a
lady going head over heels tonight as we descended together
Tomorrow we are meeting up with family for brunch and a run on the Pentlands with Charles. It's great to be here!


  1. Thanks! We are glad to be here! Looking forward to WHW.


    Carolyn and Neil