Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Day in Edinburgh

St. Giles Cathedral
A city view from our run today. Another View!
Charles and I on the run...the broom was in full bloom and odour!
The Clubbiedean Reservoir

We decided last night that we would wake up when we wake up! Great plan as I think it helped us recover somewhat from the journey. It was about 10am before we were up. We went for lunch at Charles and Jane's which initially was to be brunch but due to our tardiness it was lunch time! We then went and had a good visit with Neil's Dad. He is 82 and lives on his own and does incredibly well with the daily chores of living. The house is very tidy. Not a thing out of place. Oh to be so disciplined and tidy!! His flower pots were all planted with Geraniums and Dizzy Lizzie's and his Lemon Tree in the conservatory is plentiful with lemons! He showed us all the new fittings in the house and the new books of late. We came away with a few books, magazines and a map of the WHW (that was in one of the newspapers??) It's actually a great map to see the entire route at a glance. Many of the maps have it divided into many pages. We went back to join up with Charles for a run. He took us on his Sunday 10km loop that went past Torduff Reservoir and some familiar paths I have been on over the years. Neil and I did a count of how many times I have been to Scotland. We came up with 16 times. So yes some of the trails are familiar! :-)
After the run Dad joined us for dinner at Charles and Jane's for a nice evening. Nephew Jack is looking great and just finishing his last year at school. School play to attend on Wed night!! (we were here last year for the play!) Charles and Graeme will be our crew again this year. We all feel a bit more prepared than last year knowing the challenges we will face and having plans to support those challenges (my feet!!) I recall Dario stressing to me that the North Americans find the terrain so hard on their feet. He was so right! Tomorrow it is a shopping day! ;-)

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