Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Blog from Home!

Last night Craig drove out to meet Kitty and learn how to give the old boy his meds (Kitty that is!) Craig is all set to move in! I think him and Kitty will get along just fine. ;-) We then met friends at the Black Sheep for a farewell dinner. Great to see everyone. When we were saying good bye in the parking lot they were scheming up a WHW party at our place starting at 5pm Friday evening which will be the start time in Milngavie (1am). I just challenge them to stay awake as long as we do!! Time to zip up the cases and hope we haven't forgotten anything. I have never packed so many pairs of shoes. 3 pair of runners packed, I am wearing another pair of runners for the flight, a pair of flip flops for afterwards and a pair of casual shoes. Shoes really take up a lot of room - what am I going to do if I buy a few new pairs for work in Scotland? Could be an entire suit case full of shoes on the return!
We went out for a good 1.5 hour run this morning anticipating the long journey. We are flying "World Traveller Plus" with British Airways which gives a bit more leg room. Chad managed to check us in and reserve our seats from the pub last night on his "i-touch" 24 hours before the flight departs. Fingers crossed for an uneventful journey. Next post from Edinburgh!

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