Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Berwick and Final Run

Bass Rock - North Berwick
Enjoying the sea side cafe.

Neil having a coffee

Neil's Dad and I on the beach!

Jumping over the wet spots on the beach!

Heading down - almost done.

Coming up the grass on Arthur's Seat.

The Royal Mile - John Knox's House

It was a beautiful morning. We walked down the Royal Mile to Arthur's Seat and had a short run on the grass and the same path we did on Tuesday minus the climb to the top. Everything felt good and I think we are now pretty well over the jet lag. On our way back up the Royal Mile we came upon a great little shoe store. I found the cutest pair of Tartan shoes - Doc Martin's. Oh and a nice pair of red shoes with the perfect heel height for work. I felt sorry for the shop assistant as we had just finished our run in running gear we have now worn a few times without washing!! -nasty! It was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a drive to North Berwick. We picked up Neil's Dad and were there in no time. The area was stunning as we drove by many famous Golf Courses such as Gullane, Aberlady and North Berwick. We had a walk on the beach and bite to eat at a sea side cafe. Tomorrow we are resting, packing up our purchases and preparing our gear. We will have dinner at Charles and Jane's, pack the car and then start the journey with Charles to Milngavie. We plan to leave Edinburgh around 9:30 - 10ish which should have us in Milngavie in plenty of time. Weather forecast looks favourable for the weekend - maybe even a bit warm!


  1. Hi Princess and chaperone Neil,

    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves. Some really nice pictures there! Something about those castles, it's history...we don't have that here.
    Went up the Golden Ears with Pat and friends. It was a beautiful clear day, had an excellent time. Do that again sometime!

  2. Hi Andy and All,

    Were there any bugs?? Glad you had a good time!!


  3. Hi there,

    Yes there were some bugs...but I had more of a problem with sun burn. Pat told me to bring some sun-screen lotion, but I crossed that off my items to bring list, resulting in some sun burned legs.
    I did remember to bring the Times newspaper for some pictures, so hopefully they'll print it in the paper some time.

  4. Hi Princess,

    What's going on, you need to update all your fans in Canada...