Monday, June 7, 2010

Vancouver 100 - We did Vancouver 50km.

Heather and I on the Boulders

Neil taking a photo from above!

Look Way Up!

Coming Up Black Mountain

Rock Face of Black Mountain

Lots of Roots and Steep
We are almost there...just a few km's to go.
The Vancouver 100 is a Club Fat Ass Event hosted by our running buddy RD Craig Moore. It takes place on the same route as the Knee Knacker 50km which follows the Baden Powell Trail in North Vancouver. The full distance of 100km is the Knee Knacker in reverse first for 50km and then you come back and do the same 50km again. With it being a Club Fat Ass event you can customize the distance. We chose to do 50km in the same direction the Knee Knacker goes (good Knee Knacker training!). We were organized and out the door by 7:30am with drop bags strategically packed with water, Gatorade, food, dry socks etc...We dropped a bag at Mountain Highway and saw RD Craig first thing. He had sent the majority of the pack off at 5:06am. Next stop pick Heather up - she is going to do "some" of it with us today. Next stop Cleveland Dam where we find a nice bush and deposit the drop bag. We drove to the parking lot at Nelson Creek which is the start. We were on our way at 8:56am. I haven't been on this section of the Baden Powell for a few years and it was quite enjoyable. The first climb is Black Mountain which is steep at times and has some boulder fields and rock faces that go straight up! Once on top we started to hit the mud and then the snow. Heather was up there last weekend and said the snow had really receded in a week. Of course travelling on deep snow at this time of year for any distance means the dreaded post holes will at some point happen! Yep it happened - nicely scratched shins - ouch!! Saw Neil and Heather fall through a few times as well. We came upon the down hill ski area at Cypress Bowl still deep in snow where the Olympic Snow Board and Ski Cross took place - it was great fun running down the ski slope. We came upon a group participating in the event going in the opposite direction. Once into the Bowl I was sure thank-full that Glenn had water there! I drank more than I was a warm day! Next stop Cleveland Dam where our drop bag is. Heather, Neil and I were really enjoying the day and all feeling good. As we approached Cleveland Dam I could tell I was in need of some food and fluids - especially some sports drink since it seemed to be quite warm. We find the bush where the drop bag was placed and oh bag!! We looked in all the bushes in the area and could not locate the bag. We soon realize it has been taken! Yikes...we required food/water and I was planning to change my socks for preventative foot care. Plan B...where's the nearest food/fluid?? Grouse Mtn Chalet - there is a Starbuck's - let's go!! Unfortunately it was mid afternoon and most of their food was gone! We did manage to purchase water and a cookie each. Once back on the Baden Powell my feet start to hurt. OK - I get it - not enough electrolytes...aka...sports drink and yes my feet are soaking wet from snow/water and sweat. Neil and Heather were very patient as I stopped and tended to my feet a few times. Oh...thankfully our next drop bag at Mountain Highway was there and I drank 1.5 bottles of Gatorade and wow did I and my feet feel better. Another foot care stop at the top of the Seymour Grind before heading into Deep Cove for the finish.
Heather made it all the way with us! She was talking of stopping at Cleveland Dam, Lynn Canyon, Hyannis and Lilloet Road but kept hanging in there and did very well to the finish. the heroes of the day were Wendy and Josh who were trying to find us out there and they had awesome food and fluid! Darn...we missed each other! They were waiting patiently at the finish and wow did the fruit/chips and coke taste great! Wendy drove us to our one surviving drop bag for pick-up, Heathers place for drop off and our car at the start! It was a long day but a great day out there on our feet. What a great event...hmmmm...V100?? Neil says it is one of his favourites the year he did it. I think it is up there on my favourite 50k's! Thanks Club Fat Ass and RD Craig for hosting! We were out there for a good time...not a fast time on feet about 10:30.

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  1. WHW's Devil's Staircase will be a stroll in the park after that!

    Murdo t M