Saturday, June 26, 2010

Highlights from West Highland Way - 2010

I am proud of this one! Last year as I towed the start line I had no idea of what lay ahead of me - this year I knew the monster I was about to undertake and the pain I may meet again. I had a plan for taking care of my feet and a plan for almost anything that might arise. But would it be enough? It was a busy year with taking on the MSc program at SFU. My training was different this year - maybe it was better? I now really appreciate the meaning of the courage to start. It took a lot of courage and inner belief for me to start the 2010 WHW. Neil and I did it together again - it is much simpler for crew and I really enjoy his companionship and support out there!

Final preparation before the start.

Supportive encouragement from Neil.

Supportive encouragement from Charles...he is packed and ready for a long weekend!

I can...I can...I can do it.Race briefing. The start included a respectful acknowledgement of Dario and Gillian sent us on our way.
The sun is rising - what a beautiful day
Coming up Conic Hill

Taking in the views of Loch Lomond.

The end of the Loch. Nice!

Lots of Ferns!

Under the viaduct on the way to Auchtertyre Farm

Changing socks, shoes and re tapping the feet as required. We did this at each stop to help the feet - this was our foot care plan. It made the foot pain less intense but they were still very tender at times. Charles had the foot care and taping technique down to a fine art.

Neil enjoying an ice cream cone at Tyndrum. Thanks Graeme for fetching them for us! When we left you Neil mumbled that 2 scoops would have been good. ;-) Highland Cows

Picture taken by pacer of another runner between Tyndrum and Bridge of Orchy.

Complete change of clothes at Bridge of Orchy - dry clothes and warmer clothes preparing for the evening. Oh and I brushed my teeth here too - it felt great!

Murdo had the Scottish flag flying at his checkpoint - nice touch!

On our way to Victoria Bridge - the sun is becoming lower in the sky.

Still moving forward!

The next morning...heading towards Fort William. It was a clear night and a bit cold that required us to add another layer of clothing.

Almost the edge of the parking lot of the Leisure Center.


Final weigh weight has gone up at the last 2 weigh ins. Too much fluid and S -Caps.
Not good!

The toast of completion - whisky in the quaich. Well done Neil! The Finish!

Receiving our Crystal Goblets at the Prize Giving. We only had 20 minutes of sleep prior.
We did it!!
We arrived back in Canada on Tuesday at 9pm - up early for work on Wed. We did manage a bike ride and 2 runs this week. Overall we have done really well considering we completed 95 miles and have jet lag (8 hour time difference) all in the same week.
The video clip is from the down side of the Devils Staircase. Thought those of you whom have never seen it in the dark might appreciate it. ;-) We made it to the prize giving and had the opportunity to speak with John K, Jim Drummond and others. We had some lunch and then a quick nap prior to the post event party at the pub. Graeme and Fiona joined us all for the post race party. We managed to stay until the end. Great to meet Richie the winner, Marco and Debs, Sharon, Caroline and Neal. We had been back and forth with Keith and George throughout the day so we were able to share some battle stories. Not including the little naps we had we were up for @ 62 hours! Now that is a test of endurance!
Thank-you to the race committee who made this years event possible. You did a fantastic job!
We will be back!
Carolyn and Neil


  1. Congratulations Carolyn and Neil.

    It was great to see you at the prize giving. Thanks for coming over to say hello.

    Well done again and see you next year!

  2. You certainly looked like the most glamorous runner, Carolyn.

    Fabulous to chat to you and your crew at the party.

    Take care.

    Debs xx

  3. Thanks Debs...when you are out there as long as I am it is important to at least look good! ;-)



  4. Hi Princess,
    Thanks for sharing! Wonderful pictures!

  5. Awesome write up and pictures - awesome work you two! And thanks for sharing the pictures over a pint! marla