Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arthurs Seat

Edinburgh Castle
Carolyn running at the base of Arthur's Seat.

Carolyn running down the grass on Arthur's Seat

Carolyn coming off the top of Arthur's Seat - note the pretty purple flowers blooming in the rock.

Neil with Edinburgh in the background.

Carolyn running down Salisbury Crags.

Neil running along the side of Salisbury Crags.

The view of Princes Street from our room.

Today we had a bit of a sleep in. A good thing considering we have been staying up too late with the jet lag. I felt better today because of the good rest. It's amazing how the flight and time change really throw you off. The last few days I felt really dehydrated despite drinking lots of water. I think last night's Thai Food (with plenty of salt!!) perhaps helped with the electrolyte imbalance I was feeling. Today we bought some Lucozade which I think also helped. We had another great visit and dinner with Charles, Jane, Jack and Dad tonight. We started talking about race day and the stops for the crew. Tomorrow we are meeting some fellow participants in the WHW for lunch. We hope to confirm a few of the changes for our crew this year.
Late morning we had a climb up Arthur's Seat and a run down and around. It was great to play around up there today. After cleaning up back at the flat we had some good shopping time in Edinburgh. A few wee gifts were purchased as well as a few pieces of clothing for us. (OK...for me! ;-)

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