Wednesday, June 16, 2010

West Highland Way Lunch and Evita

From far left: Keith, Murdo, Robert, From far right: Neil, Chris and Ian.
Jack and Neil post play tonight at the school.

Church spire with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Near our flat on the Mound.

Today we met up with folks participating in the WHW for lunch at Henderson's in the Church Crypt just off Princes Street. Thanks for gathering us Murdo! The weather was warm and we sat outside on picnic tables. It was nice to connect with people who are as crazy as us! We shared plans for the event and stories from past events. It made the WHW seem more real for me today and it brought back more vivid memories of the journey. It also brought out a bit of fear in me and the reality of what I am getting myself into. Some of us who gathered today are a bit more crazy than the rest - enough said for now! ;-) The committee has been working very hard to launch another great WHW event. Murdo reminded us of the Dario Memorial book that he has placed along the route. Neil and I will have a look for it and hopefully find the book and sign it.
After lunch we walked to Run 4 It - Neil bought a Steven Fallon book on Classic Hill Runs and Races in Scotland. (I think he has a few in mind...the Cateran Trail Run is in the area where his family farm was growing up). Next stop Tiso's where I found a pair of Merrell light hikers (like a sturdy trail shoe) for the last half of the event. The shoe is designed with the heel dropped slightly taking the pressure off the ball of the foot...this might be good!!
Tonight we did a quick food/drink shop to Tesco's and bought water/coke/Lucozade/crips ( a massive 26 pack bag - lots of good flavours Graeme - for us and the crew.)
This evening we attended Jack's school play "Evita". It was very well done and we ended up sitting next to Neil's previous Physical Education teacher. He knew Neil had emigrated to Canada and managed to round up a few other teachers in the intermission to catch up with us. Unfortunately Neil did not even mention he was here to tackle the WHW 95 miles. I think that would have scored him a few points in the P.E. Department!
After the show we had dinner at Gennarios an Italian Restaurant in the Grassmarket. We enjoyed our "last supper" here before WHW last year. Tomorrow we need to gather the bits and pieces required for sustenance along the way. We plan to go out for a light trot when we wake up in the morning - this is just for confidence building to remind us that the legs can still go!


  1. Carolyn, it was great to see you both yesterday. Good luck - see you at Milngavie :-) Ian

  2. I did the Cateran Trail Ultra and really enjoyed it. I would fully recommend it.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and see you tomorrow at Milngavie.

  3. Great meet-up yesterday. I've now posted (on WHW Forum) detailed directions on locating the Dario Book. I hope its there, and you manage to find it!

    Murdo t M